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    Jackson's medical exam goes missing

    Music News
    Music News - <H1>Jackson's medical exam goes missing</H1>
    Michael Jackson�s medical examination record has gone missing.
    Insurers for the late pop icon's This Is It 50-date London residency were astounded when the report they received from Dr. David Slavit declared the singer to be in perfect health, joking it appeared to have been "based on the body of an astronaut".
    Officials at insurers Robertson Taylor were puzzled as to why the ear, nose and throat specialist's report made no mention of the Thriller star's well-publicised health difficulties - including a severely burnt scalp, broken leg and extensive cosmetic surgery - and demanded their own tests be carried out before agreeing to insure his shows for promoters AEG Live.

    Mariah's husband gets holy with Eminem

    Music News
    Music News - <H1>Mariah's husband gets holy with Eminem</H1>
    Mariah Carey's husband says Eminem will be punished by God for insulting his wife.
    Nick Cannon is furious with the rapper for recording the track The Warning, in which he crudely talks about his brief relationship with Mariah in 2001, and has posted several bible verses on his Twitter page attacking Eminem.
    Nick wrote: "Quote of the day, 'Never argue with fools because from a distance people can't tell who is who."

    Jackson's mother granted full custody of children

    Music News
    Music News - <H1>Jackson's mother granted full custody of children</H1>
    MICHAEL JACKSON's mother has been made the permanent guardian of her son's three children.
    A Los Angeles judge granted 79-year-old Katherine Jackson full custody of Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II.
    She has been caring for them since the singer's death on 25 June.
    Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff also granted Mrs Jackson a monthly allowance from her son's estate, which is believed to be worth $500m (£300m).

    Chris Brown makes live comeback

    Music News
    Music News - <H1>Chris Brown makes live comeback</H1>
    CHRIS BROWN has performed live for the first time since he was found guilty of assaulting Rihanna.
    He took to the stage with rapper Lil' Wayne at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Virginia Beach, Virginia last night, for the latest date in the America's Most Wanted tour.
    MTV News reported that he came on towards the end of Lil' Wayne's set and replaced injured rapper Drake on the track 'Every Girl'.

    Limp Bizkit to start on new album

    Music News
    Music News - <H1>Limp Bizkit to start on new album</H1>
    LIMP BIZKIT have announced that they will begin recording their new album within the next few weeks.
    The recently-reunited band will be in the studio soon to start work on the follow-up to 2005's The Unquestionable Truth (Part 1).
    They made the announcement just after they played at the weekend's Sonisphere festival at Knebworth.
    Writing on his Twitter page, frontman Fred Durst said: "We're about to go into the studio in a couple of weeks and record our new album.

    Robbie pens tribute song for Jackson

    Music News
    Music News - <H1>Robbie pens tribute song for Jackson</H1>
    Robbie Williams has written a song about Michael Jackson.
    The 'Feel' singer decided on adding a tribute to the late 'King of Pop' - who died on June 25 - to his forthcoming album at the last minute.
    He said: "Michael Jackson died. It's all so very sad. I couldn't get a lyric to fit on one of the new songs, so when he passed away I rewrote it with him in mind."

    Madonna plans Auschwitz trip for children

    Music News
    Music News - <H1>Madonna plans Auschwitz trip for children</H1>
    Madonna wants to take her children to Auschwitz so they can "see how lucky they are".
    The '4 Minutes' singer thinks a visit to the famous concentration camp will be "life changing" for Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight, newly adopted Mercy, four, and David, three.
    The 50-year-old star - who is a devout follower of Kabbalah, a mystical religion based on Judaism - is expected to make the trip when her she takes her 'Sticky and Sweet' tour to Poland later this month, and has already asked her staff to organise it.

    Pink doesn't like the morning-after feeling

    Music News
    Music News - <H1>Pink doesn't like the morning-after feeling</H1>
    Pink doesn't drink alcohol because she "can't deal with hangovers".
    The 'So What' singer - who is famed for her wild lifestyle and has previously admitted taking illegal drugs - has curtailed the amount she drinks as it has a negative impact on her performances.
    Her husband Carey Hart, who she reunited with earlier this year, explained: "I don't really really drink anymore.

    Christina Aguilera makes electro album

    Music News
    Music News - <H1>Christina Aguilera makes electro album</H1>
    CHRISTINA AGUILERA has revealed that she is recording a "futuristic" album.
    The singer told her fans that her long-awaited next record will feature a more electronic sound than her previous efforts.
    She said: "I kind of had an idea for a futuristic feel for many years now, but I also had that idea that I wanted to do a soul, blues and jazz record also. But I knew I had to do that one first.

    Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire lyrics

    Free Music Lyrics
    Free Music Lyrics - <H1>Nelly Furtado - Manos Al Aire lyrics</H1>

    Tú, que pierdes el control
    Hablando en alta voz
    Hieres mi corazón
    Yo, tratando de escuchar
    No me puedo explicar
    Qué extraña sensación.

    Tú no me quieres entender
    Y me mandas a callar diciéndome

    Shakira - She Wolf lyrics

    Free Music Lyrics
    Free Music Lyrics - <H1>Shakira - She Wolf lyrics</H1>

    Sigilosa al pasar
    Sigilosa al pasar
    Esa loba es especial
    Mirala, caminar caminar

    Quién no ha querido a una diosa licántropa
    En el ardor de una noche romantica
    Mis aullidos son el llamado

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